97% of houses in Australia are built without input from an architect. This is a staggering and disappointing fact.

Architects spend 6 years at university learning how to incorporate design elements that:

1. Maximise functionality

2. Allow for passive heating and cooling

3. Improve the quality of living spaces.

Unfortunately, a misconception exists that only wealthy individuals building prestige homes can access value-adding architectural services.

This is completely incorrect.

By incorporating simple design principles of orientation, circulation, layout and the selection of building materials, you can significantly increase the value and longevity of your home, and make it more energy-efficient. Our experts can maximise indoor and outdoor living areas to improve aesthetics and reduce maintenance.

Architectural Review Co is for everyone

Architects have been trained to think. To create. To make a space habitable and not just functional. ARC was established to provide affordable, constructive and value-adding feedback and design input for everyday Australian people. You need not pay thousands in fees to incorporate smart and modern ideas into a home. Ideas that can both save you money and make you money in the long term, and increase lifespan of your home. Ideas that can help you live more enjoyably and functionally. It is far easier to make changes during the design and planning stages (when it is merely a matter of ink on paper) than it is after the house is built.

ARC adds value to new builds and renovations

We charge a fixed fee and do not seek possibly thousands of dollars in variations for changes etc. ARC will work with your existing draftsman and building designer. Our goal is not to replace them. We want to improve the quality of Australian houses, not take work from others in the industry. ARC can be of service to existing building designers' projects and clients. Your new home is a 20-30 year investment. Investing a small amount in an initial design review is insignificant when you consider construction costs, ongoing repayments and the future value of your property.

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Together, the ARC team have more than 180 years of residential design experience. ARC’s architects offer ideas and design input that is second to none. We strive to help you create a better solution both financially and in terms of lifestyle.

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ARC is 100% Australian owned, operated and staffed. We do not outsource design to overseas companies. Our designs are customised for the Australian landscape and way of life.

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