• Site analysis
  • Floor plan review (circulation, function, connection)
  • Mark up plans with suggested design changes (layout, doors/windows, orientation)

Single Storey

Single Storey Package

This package will allow the plans for your new / renovation home to be reviewed for several key elements that will help make your house become a home.

ORIENTATION, CIRCULATION, PUBLIC/PRIVATE ZONES, CONNECTIVITY, FUNCTIONALITY, LAYOUT are among some of the major considerations that will be considered by our team.

Your home will need to be adaptable as your family within it grows and priorities change over the years.  Rooms need to be functional to serve the purpose initially bestowed and then be adaptable for different purposes/function over time.  Consideration of these and other elements may prevent the need for a future renovation, maintain / if not grow the value of the home, prevent the need to upsize or even downsize in years to come.

The layout, circulation and orientation of rooms to the elements, the site and to each room must be considered.  Circulation space can add up significantly and is “dead space”.  With careful planning and consideration this space can be incorporated into other spaces to achieve different spatial connections and functions.

We recognize that this project is probably your largest financial investment and commitment over the next several years / decades.  We at ARC want to help you get this right.

Requirements Checklist

  • Site Plan – with address and North Point
  • Floor Plans – ground and/or first Floor Plan with dimensions or at least a scale bar
  • Elevations – if possible even with just a Floor Plan Review Package as it helps us determine the style / aesthetic you are working towards
  • Roof Plan – Or at least an indicative dashed line on the floor plans to provide us with some indication of your idea / intent