• Identify feature elements
  • Propose elements to create continuity around the entire home
  • Material break ups / locations
  • Window location and sizes to assist with scale and proportion
  • Roof Angles and break up

Front, Rear & Sides Elevation Review

Front, Rear & Sides Elevation Review

The orientation and siting of you new house or renovation may be visible from vantage points / neighbours / nearby parks or open space and not just from your street and driveway.

Consideration to the side and read elevations is important to maintain continuity of the aesthetic and design.  Too often the importance of the front elevation leaves little time or thoughts for how those materials and colours will translate down the sides of the house and across the rear elevation.

With some thought these aspects of the home can contribute and complete the design without adding significant costs to a project.  Failure to consider this at the design stage could lead to costly variations in contracts or even not being able to make changes without significant time delays and costs.

Roof forms, break ups and styles can reduce costs, ensure roof water flows away from the home and add/change style and aesthetics to your home in cost effective and practical ways.

Requirements Checklist

  • Site Plan – with address and North Point
  • Floor Plans – ground and/or first Floor Plan with dimensions or at least a scale bar
  • Elevations – if possible even with just a Floor Plan Review Package as it helps us determine the style / aesthetic you are working towards
  • Roof Plan – Or at least an indicative dashed line on the floor plans to provide us with some indication of your idea / intent