• Identify feature elements
  • Propose elements to clearly identify the front entrance
  • Material break ups / locations
  • Window location and sizes to assist with scale and proportion
  • Roof Angles and break up


Front Elevation Package

Your new home / renovation will contribute to the streetscape of your suburb.  It is the first impression.  It shares a bit about who you are and the family that lives under its roof.  And first impressions count!

When it comes time to selling your home or just maintaining it, the materials, proportions, break up all play an important role in costs and potential sale price.

At ARC, we will share ideas to help maximize the impact and aesthetics of your new home, but also consider on going maintenance.  We have knowledge and exposure to the latest materials available and what current market trends should be incorporated or avoided to help your house stay appealing and modern.

Requirements Checklist

  • Site Plan – with address and North Point
  • Floor Plans – ground and/or first Floor Plan with dimensions or at least a scale bar
  • Elevations – if possible even with just a Floor Plan Review Package as it helps us determine the style / aesthetic you are working towards
  • Roof Plan – Or at least an indicative dashed line on the floor plans to provide us with some indication of your idea / intent