• Site analysis
  • Floor plan review (circulation, function, connection)
  • Mark up plans with suggested design changes (layout, doors/windows, orientation)

Double Storey

Double Storey Package

When building a two storey home or adding a new level to an existing home important considerations to connectivity – spatially, to the site and to the elements – is crucial.  Should the living areas be upstairs to take advantage of a view on site or in the distance?  Should all bedrooms be located downstairs or upstairs? Or spread over both levels?  Can the stairs become a feature and incorporate natural light into the heart of the home?  Or can the stairs function to improve passive heating and cooling within the house to help save on heating and cooling costs?

The review at ARC will help you answer these and many other questions / considerations for your new two storey project.  In fact there are numerous other elements that we will also consider in our review that occur without thinking about them.  They are considerations that the years of experience in Residential Design and the knowledge of Australian climates / regions our architects have that come unconsciously.

Requirements Checklist

  • Site Plan – with address and North Point
  • Floor Plans – ground and/or first Floor Plan with dimensions or at least a scale bar
  • Elevations – if possible even with just a Floor Plan Review Package as it helps us determine the style / aesthetic you are working towards
  • Roof Plan – Or at least an indicative dashed line on the floor plans to provide us with some indication of your idea / intent