Archiectural Draftsman Melbourne 

You’ve decided to skip the architect stage for your new build property or home renovation and go straight to a Melbourne drafting service to draw up the plans you’ve been thinking about for some time.


The difference between using a draftsperson in Melbourne and an architect in Melbourne is that the draftsman draws up your plans as you envisage them. An architect, however, works with you to identify the best plan for the space and often project manages the building through the construction phase. This extra work and experience obviously comes with a higher price tag.
Though there is a growing trend of owner/builders skipping the architect and taking their ideas straight to the drafting service Melbourne, having an architect at least review your plans before the building stage can save you time and money by avoiding any potential costly construction mistakes and helping you to maximise your space.

Architectural Drafting Services Melbourne

Melbourne Architectural Review – How Does It Work?

Our architectural review process combines the best of both worlds. As fully qualified and experienced architects, we take the plans created by your draftsperson Melbourne and identify any potential issues before they arise. We use our knowledge of the construction industry and many years of experience as architects to offer quality advice to improve your plans. We’ll review your plans and offer any additional advice to make them better; more cost-effective and maximising space as well as possible. Though you may think you’ve thought of everything, the draftsman Melbourne may have overlooked minor details that could majorly improve the layout or cost-effectiveness of your new property build or renovations.

That’s why running your plans by a qualified architectural firm makes sense. At a fraction of the price that a full architect service costs, we can review your plans, offer a second opinion and make suggestions that will significantly improve your construction project. Don’t jump straight to the building phase without having an architect review your plans. Book a design review with Architectural Review Co. now!

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