“We believe that architectural design services should be accessible to everyone, so that spaces within homes are livable, functional and enjoyable.” David Moran, Managing Director

Established in 2016, the Architectural Review Co. offers something all-new and incredibly value-adding for home-owners, renovators, draftsmen and building designers.

We’re making architectural design advice accessible for everyone.

Affordable architectural advice is no longer only available to high-end residential or commercial projects. The Architectural Review Co. provides design advice to the everyday person and family. There are no appointments, hourly rates or lengthy agreements.

Our unorthodox approach is more about you, the customer, than us, the service provider. “We believe that architectural design services should be accessible to everyone, so that spaces within homes are livable, functional and enjoyable


I have already engaged a draftsman (or Building Designer / Architect)… is it too late? OR Can I still use Architectural Review (ARC)?

Of course you can. ARC is not trying to take work away from other businesses. We are only trying to provide your project with a fresh set of eyes to review and make suggestions to your existing design.

I already have a Building Approval and a builder – what can ARC do for me?

Even if the concrete slab has been poured, an ARC review can still provide suggests or changes to improve or add value to your project. However, the longer you delay, the more difficulty there may be in adopting any changes.

I am a Building Designer / Draftsman – can I send any of my existing clients / projects to ARC for a review? Will the design still be my own?

Of course you can and we welcome this. We are also here to assist and develop the design skills of existing designers and draftsman. We are a value adding service to help everyone achieve the best possible outcome for their projects or new home/renovation. Our reviews only make suggestions / propose alternatives – so of course the work will still remain your own.

How long will a review take?

At ARC we strive to provide the best possible customer experience. Once your project is uploaded, an architect will be assigned to your job and a notification sent to you that your job has been received. At ARC we aim to complete a review and issue the sketches within 5 workings days of receiving a fully uploaded project. Of course if it can be completed sooner we will!

What if when I get my review I have questions?

Your review will provides sketches and written notes to help explain our ideas or possible changes. If you do have any questions, you will be able to email them through for a further explanation etc. If after this you are still not understanding something we can make arrangements for a voice call or video call.

We have friends that have previously used an online design service and their jobs were completed by someone in China, the Philippines or India – does ARC outsource to overseas businesses?

NO. ARC is 100% Australian owned, operated and uses Australian Architects. This is how we can provide design advise specific to Australian Climates and Regions.

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